Monday, 19 December 2011

Aphrodite's TEAM: 50 bags in 5 days by 6 people working 7 hours a day

50 assorted bag order from a client in Mumbai needed working on a Sunday. Hopefully we will finish the order today, only because of the dedication of Aphrodite's team. Making bags is a lot of fun for them as much as it is for me. Kudos to the great team.

Here's how the cycle works.

I do the designing of the bag, which fabric goes with which lace and which chain and what thread to use and what lining to use.

Then, Meenakshi, my cutting expert does the cutting,

Sonali does the prep work for making the bag,

Lata and Varlaxmi decorate the outer layer of the bag

And Pushpa connects all the pieces together to make it a purse/handbag.

We are all beginners and learning new tricks in bag making every day and loving the process all at one time.

Here s the team.
Aphrodite's team

Here's a sneak peek,

Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Fever

Aphrodite's Christmas Fever....

Didn't think I d ever be a curator but hey, here I am! Above is my first treasury and what best color or season to start with than my most favorite color. 

Love and Roses .... :)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

From India With Love.....

Introducing a Software Test Engineer turned Aphrodite's Handbag Designer in just a period of over a year. Starting my own brand has been exhausting but working with colors and fabric has been scintillating. So I would recommend anyone to throw away the blanket of security and experience the wings on uncertainty. Because starting your own business brand is like flying, sometimes you fly up and sometimes you fly down but the best part is, you never stop flying.

I wish I share a lot of colors with you, colors that make you smile, colors that make you dream, colors that make you go WOW, because for anyone in this world, colors are only going to bring you up, add the shine to your life, make you want to desire more and thus live more.


Happy Colors!!!! :)